It's all about you and your car...

When Jeff & Scott began their business, they asked themselves one question: "How would we want to be treated?" The answer to this question is what drives our approach to customer service.

They have seen the good and bad of the auto repair industry, and even as their customer base expands, Jeff & Scott hold true to that original, simple premise -- give people personal care, sensible advice and honest prices, you'll keep them happy - and recommending JS to friends and family.

Meet the JS Prestige Auto Services team


Jeff - Director

Jeff doesn't like to be reminded how long he has been in the automotive industry, though by now, the two are inseperable -- Jeff has to have a dash of motor oil in his morning coffee to get him purring. With a stomach that closely resembles an oil sump, Jeff uses his considerable experience and calm, customer centred focus to keep his motor running. Jeff would like to remember what he used to do in his spare time before the business got so successful!


Scott - Director

Scott has been working with BMW and Mercedes cars his entire working career. He holds certificates in Advanced Spannering - and was trained by a BMW Master Mechanic, and he's had a spell at a MINI Main Dealer. He is always pleased when customers bring in their BMWs, as he can brag about his 325's achievements to other proud parents.


Nathan - Senior Technician

Nathan has been with us for many years now and has passed through the ranks from junior to senior technician. Loves his bikes and is always keen to keep your vehicle in top condition.


Ashley - Senior Technician

Where Ashley may not have a long history of working on cars like the rest of the team, that doesn't mean he doesn't know a thing or two about them. Surrounded by the other highly trained mechanics, he has learnt a lot the past few years he's been with us as he has risen from Junior to Senior technician.


Marcus - Apprentice

Marcus is the most recent addition to the team. Passionate to learn, and surrounded with years of experience means he will no doubt quickly become a vital part of the team